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3/4" Round Tapered Cast Aluminum Steering Shaft Adapter

These cast aluminum steering shaft adapters feature a 3-3/4" O.D with a 3/4" round shaft provision while providing the popular 3-bolt steering wheel mount.  The unit is 1-1/4" tall. These offer an economical choice for steering wheel mounting and have a low profile. Center line on the three bolt holes is 1-3/4"

This shaft adapter is designed to have a 3-bolt wheel and cap directly mounted to it and isn't for use with any of our standard 3 to 5/6/9 bolt steering wheel adapters without modification.

We offer a very wide selection of steering wheel adapters to fit most popular applications.  What you need to know before you purchase your new steering wheel is just what type of steering post or helm that your boat utilizes. The most common styles are a round 3/4" tapered shaft with a keyway or a square style shaft without a keyway.  Most of the steering wheels available are sold without a mounting provision.  That's where billet steering wheel adapters come in.  If your boat currently has a steering wheel that is mounted to a 3-bolt adapter you would need to purchase the appropriate steering wheel adapter, which will bolt to the steering wheel and then to your flange adapter.

Note: This adapter does not have a polished finish in the center section, however this will not be visible when installed.

3/4" Round Tapered Cast Aluminum Steering Shaft Adapter

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