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Insure the fire safety of your boat while adding some shine with one of our chrome plated fire extinguishers. This 1lb clean agent (hydrochlorofluorocarbon blend) model offers the ultimate in fire fighting capabilities. The clean agent leaves no powder residue when discharged so, in the unfortunate event that you do have to use it, the clean-up will be minimal and the chemical will not affect the finish on your boat or its custom parts. These extinguishers are US Coast Guard approved, they incorporate an anodized aluminum valve, and are rechargeable. These compact 1lb units are 2 ¾” in diameter, 10” tall and are 1B:C rated (check your local waterway for minimum rating requirements). The extinguishers come standard with a black powder coated steel mounting bracket or, customize your boat by adding one of our billet aluminum fire extinguisher brackets.


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