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Continuing Innovation:
The main drawback to a nitrous plate has so far been the inability to tune for individual cylinders. Enter The Kraken! It is jetted at the cone to allow the ultimate tuneability and designed to work with 4500 flange intake manifolds with a plenum depth greater than 4".

The Kraken is a single-entry nitrous plate that provides a max flow of 1032hp (3715pph) with the included .199" Nitrous Solenoid. The nitrous jet fittings are secured in the cone with thread sealer - they are not coming out!. With the nitrous on top, it sprays down in to the fuel discharge for a fully atomized mixture. The Kraken is not available in 4150 combinations as the 4150 plenums are not large enough to fit the Kraken Nitrous Plate.

The 4500 plate and cone are manufactured from 6061 billet aluminum. The nitrous plate is 3/4” thick and black anodized with engraved Nitrous Outlet and Kraken logos and Fuel / N2O entry marking. The cone is anodized red and features 8 nitrous discharge holes and 8 fuel discharge holes. Premium gaskets are included as well as Jetting for 200-250-300-350-400-450-500-550-600-650-700-750-800-850-900-950 horsepower shots. We even include fuel jetting for gasoline and E85 at 5, 7, and 10psi! This is a Competition system and utilizes a .199" nitrous solenoid specially modified for the Kraken Nitrous Kit and a .310" fuel solenoid. Braided stainless hoses are included to connect the solenoids to the plate, as are universal solenoid brackets.

This competition system is recommended for hardcore race applications only! Because of the modification to the solenoid to achieve the .199" orifice, it is strongly recommended to keep multiple spare pistons in the race trailer. We include sixteen 6" pieces of hardline flared on one end that have the needed B-Nut and sleeve. These hardlines will have to be cut and bent to fit your particular intake manifold. Do not get the nitrous discharge too close to the fuel discharge or the nitrous could push the fuel back up the tube causing a lean condition. If you are uncomfortable completing the plumbing or simply want a turnkey solution, we offer our plumbing service! Simply call 254-848-4300 or email and one of our techs will get you an estimate.

Kraken Competition Solenoids Forward Nitrous Plate Conversion, Gas/E85

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