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12JI Pump Kit WithHydraulic Place Diverter Nozzle And Transom Assembly (With Exchange)

This pump is the latestevolution of the family of Berkeley Jets With over a million pumps soldwe've used our knowledge to develop the All New Berkeley 12JI Pump.

This pump begins its construction with a supertough, high strength aluminum alloy 356T alloy casting the strongest mostserviceable aerospace material around Then each unit is CNC machined,hard anodized, and powder coated "Berkeley White™".

Each unit is assembled using only thefinest in stainless steel hardware, but its what's inside that counts.Starting with Berkeley's unique single stage mixed flow impeller thatproduces maximum thrust per horsepower. The 12JI Pump also incorporates aspecial trimming device allowing you to adjust your boat's attitude whileunderway through the use of a manual control. A hydraulic control isoptional.

The 12JI Pump is sold as a pump only forreplacement of inferior copy pumps or just a tired original Berkeley unit.

12JI Pump Kit With Hydraulic Place Diverter Nozzle And Transom Assembly (With Ex

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