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Aluminum Steering Bezel for Morse / Teleflex helms

If you've ever wondered what to do about that cheap plastic steering bezel that cracks and fades on your Morse steering post or you just want the perfect color matched accessories to go with your new steering wheel and adapters, this is it.  These aluminum steering bezels are a direct replacement and are available polished or in your choice of colors.  These units fit rack and pinion steering helms only. Has a total of 4 holes for installation.

Now fits both the Old Morse and Teleflex Rack helms. Does not fit Teleflex Rotary Helms that come with SS137 Rotary Steering Kits.

Base is 4-1/2" inches wide. Top is 3-1/2" Wide. Height is 2-1/4".

Aluminum Steering Bezel for Morse / Teleflex Rack Helms

Powder Coat Finishes
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