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Cyclone Water Jacketed Header System For GM LS and Standard Dimension Bravo - Fully Polished - Pair of Headers for one engine.

This new cyclone header system is designed specifically for GM LS engines. The tailpipes are set up for standard Bravo exit locations.

This Cyclone wet exhaust series header works perfectly on both stock and modified performance applications This header mixes engine cooling water with the exhaust near the end of the tailpipe That allows you to use a 4" rubber hose connection to attach your transom mounted exhaust tips This is the perfect replacement for your factory exhaust system.  Gaskets, and bolts included.

If you are one of thousands of performance boaters oseeking the power and styling from stainless steel tubular headers then you're looking at the leader in exhaust technology These "Cyclone" header systems share 100% 316L stainless steel construction. All appropriate flanges are laser cut and CNC machined for a perfect gasket seal. Each individual exhaust tube is bent to precise, exact tolerances every time. A computer designed fully welded water inlet manifold provides equal water distribution to each exhaust runner tube. While each set of headers goes through a 1900 degree annealing process that multiplies the durability factor of the header many times over while providing added protection against corrosion. But the heart of these systems lies in the ability to generate loads of additional power. By using CAD-5 Technology to develop a unique staggered tube runner length, these systems are capable of maximizing the broadest low end and midrange torque, all the while yielding incredible peak power gains. These systems are available in many configurations to fit every boaters needs. Rest assured when you lay down your hard earned money because the system comes complete with all necessary mounting bolts, gaskets, and shift and oil filter brackets making installation a snap. This kit includes one (1) O2 bung standard, if you need a 2nd O2 bung on your kit, see related parts below.

Cyclone Header System For GM LS Standard Bravo Tailpipes

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