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he DREWFAB “Low Profile” 5 Degree Jet Drive Intake is the pinnacle of high performance jet drive intakes. Previously known as the “Miersch Low Pro Intake”.

These intakes feature:

  • Standard shoe and loader pad bolt pattern, allowing users to easily swap shoes and loaders and use commonly available parts
  • O-Ring seal between the intake and suction flange; no more gaskets required!
  • The intakes are cast in California out of A-356 aluminum, stress relieved, and heat treated.
  • CNC machined on state of the art machines in our shop
  • Clear type 2 anodized to protect your investment

We offer the intakes in 3 kit variations: intake alone, intake + flat shoe, and intake + flat shoe + ride plate + cradle. If you order a kit that includes a shoe, ride plate, and or cradle it also comes with the hardware. The loader pads are drilled and tapped through to allow back side double nuts and are 5/16-18 (coarse) threads.

If you want to take your boat’s performance to the next level, look no further than our intakes, with a proven keel and mouth profile, CNC drilled and tapped suction flange requiring minimal to no blending, and CNC machined shoes that match the mouth.
Make heavy grinding and blending of your intake and suction a thing of the past by using modern day manufactured components.


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