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DXP Street Nitrous System:
Yep, we have it! This nitrous kit includes the NOS 12500 plate, untouched, that is required to run in the DXP Street class. We spen the time on our flow bench to develop a combination of the best flowing and repeatable components to put you in the winners circle.

NOS 12500 Nitrous Plate:
Yeah, we don't like it either, but thats what the rules for DXP Street dictate that you run! It is completely unmodified, as per the rules. However, to ensure you are getting a truly functional plate, we put each one through our own Quality Control Process. The check points are:

  • Discharge Pattern - We check the plate’s discharge pattern to ensure the discharge holes are flowing as the manufacturer intended.
  • Spray bar clocking - We check to make sure when the spray bar was epoxied into the plate, the discharge holes were positioned correctly.
  • Spray bar epoxy seal at plate - We make sure the epoxy used to attach the spray bar into the plate has no voids or leaks.
  • Spray bar obstruction - We make sure that when the discharge holes were machined, no burrs or obstructions were left in the spray bar.
  • Spray bar flow passage and discharge ID - We pin-check the spray bar’s internal ID and discharge IDs to make sure they are as the manufacturer intended.
  • Back pressure vs vacuum - We test the plate to insure there is no back pressure into the fuel side of the plate.

Parts, Parts, Parts:
While the NOS 12500 nitrous plate has to be off the shelf unmodified, we have more leeway with the rest of the nitrous kit. The feed lines, solenoids and jetting have been optimized, within the DXP Street Rule Book, to provide the best repeatable results. While the parts came off the shelf, they are not off the shelf parts that can be replaced without altering the performance! Should the need arise for a replacement component, please reach out to one of our techs at 254-848-4300 and they will get you what you need.

Detailed Flow Data:
Once we landed on the correct combination of parts, we dialed in the tuneups. We provide nitrous and gasoline jetting for 200hp, 300hp, and Max Flow. Included along with that jetting is our final flow sheet that gives you all the PPH data you need to dial in your tune. Our flow data is based on using our 10lb bottle with 5/8" siphon tube and billet .508" orifice valve. Usage of another bottle will alter the flow data! If you already have a Nitrous Outlet 10lb bottle with billet .508" valve, see part # 00-12500DXP-00.

DXP Street Wet Nitrous System

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