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Tunable Stainless Steel Header Water Pressure T-Valve

The Hardin Marine T-Valve is a spring/ball style water flow check valve designed to control the flow and time of release of the water into water injected exhaust headers thus rendering the headers dryer and hot at an idle when properly adjusted and allow water flow at the appropriately tuned higher engine RPM's.

By adjusting a boats water inlet or exit you can control the water pressure that is feed to the T valve. The unique advantage of the Hardin Marine tee valve is that it features threaded exits ports. This thread allows use of optional brass tuning jets (Sold Separately) for additional control of the amount of water flow you may desire for your particular application.

The optional brass water jets are available with a 0.100 orifice and can be drilled out to allow additional water flow if so desired. This T-Valve accepts 2 brass water jets. The 316L premium grade stainless steel tee valve features -8AN or (3/4X16UNJ thread) connections. Also replaces Bassett #BR-TVALVE-73.


Restrict your water flow as necessary with these Restrictors (Sold Separately). NO LONGER will you need to drill and tap fittings for water restriction!

Header Water Pressure T-Valve

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