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High Performance Marine Water Pressure Relief Valve

This high performance pressure relief valve system was specifically designed for the highest of performance applications where high speeds and high water pressure run hand in hand. Extensive testing in boats with speeds in excess of 170MPH have proven this design to be the ultimate answer to solving the issues of bleeding off high volumes of water. The problem with standard pressure valves is that they can reduce pressure spikes but they cannot move volumes of water. Hi performance marine applications need to move massive volumes of water. The nearly 2" stainless steel valve is larger and more capable than any fluid control system available today. Besides the ability to move massive distribution of water this valve provides precision adjustable water control. Water control is designed or set to open at a predetermined set pressure to protect against excessive pressure in the engine block, cooling system, and sea strainer. 



This unit features dual stage manual monitoring capability. Besides accepting the pressure signal from the water flow entering the massive dual 1"NPT water inlets there is a secondary chamber that can be plumbed to a secondary signal source (Example:engine block) If the pressure were to rise in the engine block it would provide the pressure signal through the plumbing to the water pressure control valve and the pressure is relieved by allowing the pressurized fluid to flow from the bottom chamber passage out of the 1"NPT discharge. There is not other system available like this today.This compact, highly accurate, high performance direct acting pressure relief valve can be manually adjusted to a desired opening pressure and/or flow specifications. External adjustment provides ease of use for rapid pressure changes. Manufactured from brass, Hard coat billet aluminum and 316 stainless steel. This valves feature a Quad ring seal which provides for extreme accuracy and repeatability.



• Accurate and Repeatable Pressure relief 

• 100% Factory assembled and Tested 

• 95-98% of Pressure retention 

• Maximum Adjust ability 

• Excellent Performance 

• Compact Size 


 Technical Data 

• Set Pressure Range: 7. to 40 Psi 

High Performance Marine Water Pressure Relief Valve

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