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Basic" MSD Digital Ignition Package - Ford 429/460 V8

This standard basic version of the popular "MSD" ignition system offers some great economic options to boaters. The basic kit consists of the following components:

  • (1) MSD 85806 Pro-Billet Marine Distributor
  • (1) MSD 6564 6-M3L Series Multi-Spark Ignition Control Box
  • (1) MSD 8202 Standard Blaster Coil
  • (1) Hardin Marine 8 MM Spark Plug Wire Set

Over our 40 years of engine development we have worked with some of the worlds most innovative and technologically advanced company's. From those relationships came many new alliances and product advancements such as the introduction of the "multiple spark discharge" ignition systems from Autotronics Controls. This advanced technology has produced an ignition system powerful enough to prevent spark plug fouling, faster RPM advancement, quicker acceleration, and increased peak horsepower, while greatly improving the overall drivability of any boat yet tough enough to withstand the harshest marine environments. These systems are 100% certified for marine use to comply with all USCG requirements. We are proud to be able to off to you the finest marine ignition system available today.

MSD Basic Ford Digital Ignition Package

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