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New Complete 12JG Pump with Hydraulic

DESCRIPTION: The Model 12JGJet-Drive is constructed of a super-tough, high-strength, aluminum alloy, castings the finestand most serviceable material available. Precision machined and hard-anodized, assembled with stainless steel fasteners,assures maximum performance with a minimum of maintenance. Dissimilar metals are protected from each other by inert insulators to retard corrosion. Using Berkeley's unique single stage, mixed flow, impeller, this unit gives maximum thrust per horsepower. Divided bowl-steering assembly construction offers the boater the advantage of readily adding accessories to change thrust angle.

APPLICATION: Ideally suited for vee and modified vee hull boats, measuring 14 to 24 feet in overall length, with a gross weight of not over 5,000 pounds per unit, including passengers and gear.

FEATURES: Only one rotating element, the shaft and impeller assembly. Specially designed intake adapter to assure pump alignment andboatbottoms matching for efficient performance. Two transom housings to accommodate transom angles of 0° to 9° and 9° to 18°. A single stage, enclosed,mixed flow,impeller available in aluminum or stainless steel, machined to match horsepower involved. Replaceable, insulated impeller wear ring machined to close tolerances for minimum bypass and high pump efficiency. Strong self-cleaning finger-type intake grate. Readily accessible and serviceable stuffing box-type shaft seal.Heavy duty,grease lubricated, ball-type thrust bearing, isolated and sealed for protection from accidental water damage. Easily accessible hand hole for impeller cleanout in the unlikely event of clogging. Cover securely held in place by swing bolts and special wrench, which may be used for stuffing box adjustment. Long life, oil lubricated, sleeve-type, tail bearing, sealed from the water. Smooth working steering nozzle and reverse bucket for effortless steering in forward and reverse. Nozzle O-ring seal assures minimum spray. Long blade rudder for positive boat handling atlow speeds with no appreciable loss in performance at higher speeds. Steering assembly is removable from bowl for addition of steering wedge or Droop Snoot.

POWER REQUIREMENTS: Approximately 10 to 27 pounds gross boat weight requires 1 HP.Higher or lower speeds will be obtained as gross weight varies. Weight distribution, hull length and design are other factors affecting total boat performance. The standard aluminum alloy impeller is used with engines up to 400HP; over 400 HP, a stainless steel impeller is recommended.

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT: Hand hole extension, stainless steel impeller, shift-throttle controls, instrument panels,gauge clusters and wiring harnesses, steering wedge, Droop Snoot.

DIMENSIONS / WEIGHT: Net weight 125 pounds total unit. Dimensions will vary with different intake and transom adapters and are for estimating only. Refer to catalog installation drawings for complete dimensions.


New Complete 12JG Pump with Hydraulic

SKU: 150-B-07340HOEM
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